Game Review | Panty Party

Panty Party is an interesting game to say the least. Just from the name alone it describes everything in the box. You play as Yurika who gets transformed into a cute pair of Panties to fight other panties for the love of…well panties. With your friend Baka Panty you encounter many hilarious characters such as bear themed panties that shoot bazookas and pokadot panties that fire hyperbeams.

Sounds silly?

Well mission accomplished. That was the goal from the team at AnimuGame.

The game is a a third person combat style beat-em-up game with simple controls, and many themed panties. You have your basic attack being slash, as well as long ranged attacks, and of course your passion. Once your passion has been raised you can get a more powerful attack. I found moving in the game to be both easy while at the same time being tricky. On one hand you can dodge panty attacks once you have the moves down, but to players starting out things may become frustrating, and this may turn the game into a rapid click attack style game for the first few levels.



As you progress there are certain requirements in levels to unlock panties, but the downside is that they are only just skins. What this means is that using them in game they doesn’t offer the same voice over as they had during the cut-scene. Which kinda takes away from selecting a custom panty. Seems like a slight oversight.

There is also an arcade mode to sink your teeth into for some endurance levels, but I think the Story mode is enough even for the casual player.

This game can be completed in just a few hours, so if your looking for a quick game with a laugh and playable panties this is the game for you.

I’ll say this much. Its unique.



An expert in sexy lewd games has appeared!