GOD WARS Future Past Jobs Revealed!

GOD WARS Future Past was delayed till June 20th, but that isn’t stopping NIS America from releasing more juicy details about their upcoming Strategy RPG. The publisher has released details relating to the Job system in the game, and I have to admit, the whole thing has me even more excited for this title.

In the game, each character can have up to 3 jobs:

  • Main Job: Determines equitable items, stat growth and distribution, and allows you to learn and use skills related to that job using Job Points.
  • Sub Job: Allows you to learn and use skills related to that job using Job Points.
  • Unique Job (Unable to Change): Each character’s Unique Job grants them access to their own personal sets of upgradable skills.

Main and Sub Jobs are then split into different categories: Physical Combat, Recovery Support, and Offensive Spellcasting. These Jobs can also be leveled up using Job points earned from battles and completing stages. i.e: A warrior into a Samurai, and then into a Daredevil.

I find this system to be really interesting, because if done correctly it should allow for players to experience many different combinations during combat due to the branching of the jobs. It’s like playing a JRPG and having a skill tree, but with more characters, and more freedoms to craft them the way you see fit.

GOD WARS Future Past, releasing on June 20 in North America and June 16 in Europe for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.

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