Tech Review | CitySlicker by Waterfield

“Hey, how do you like that new GameBoy?”

Maybe he meant nothing by it, but I felt my shoulders tense as I clutched my Nintendo Switch in it’s brightly colored Zelda Special Edition Sheikah Stone case. This wasn’t the only time the plastic case had drawn unwanted attention; at an electronics store the clerk noticed it and asked me if owning a Switch was worth it for one game (Zelda).

As a grown adult, I won’t justify my gaming or spending habits to strangers, but I was tired of getting stares in public with my current case. I also didn’t like how loose the Switch felt inside what was basically a modified CD clamshell organizer with just a scratchy velcro strip across the screen holding the system in.

I don’t think I need to make the case, pun intended, that if you bring your Switch out in public, you should protect it. Besides the fact that the Switch is a $300 device, game saves are only stored on the console, and if you drop and break your screen, you’re starting that 50+ hours you invested into Breath of the Wild all over again.

A brief search online led me to many cheap or bulky cases, many with the simple generic design I already owned. Thankfully, I ran across the CitySlicker Case by Waterfield Designs. From across the room, you’ll appreciate the CitySlicker‘s simple clean lines and elegant but rugged appearance.  Whether flat black, crimson, blue or “grizzly”, the leather flap gives a warm, organic feel to a case that might feel too sleek or techie due to its ballistic nylon construction. Combined together, these synthetic and organic materials provide a look that is both sleek and rugged, like leather upholstery in a performance car. I chose the Grizzly Leather version for this review, and I love that with day to day use, the leather flap gains a beautiful weather worn look.

All of this fits, with a TON of room to spare

As you open the case, you can feel the durability of the leather and nylon.  Engineered to be compact yet maximize every possible millimeter, you’ll be impressed with what you can fit inside. The snug main compartment has two side pockets, one on each side of where the Switch nestles. In one pocket  I’ve currently got my joycon extenders with wrist straps and a USB C cable. The other pocket is smaller, but would easily hold my earphones and a cleaning cloth. The interior space is utilized so well, that there isn’t much difference visually when the case is empty versus full. Everything is held snugly so you won’t feel anything shifting around if you spin the case.  There is also a strip outside the main slot and under the leather flap that securely holds five game cartridges, and a zippered mesh pocket runs the entire length of the back.

Upon further inspection, you begin to appreciate all the thought and care that went into designing this case. There are many small features that you won’t notice until you use the case for a few days, but they add up to provide a great experience you just won’t find elsewhere. The clasps are magnetic instead of manual sealing, so you don’t need to press forcefully against them and onto the delicate joycons underneath. There is a small nylon loop under the case that makes pulling the switch out of its protective cocoon easier. Inside the main compartment you’ll see extra padding has been added to the side to protect the delicate joycons. Also inside, you’ll appreciate that Waterfield has added a soft suede cloth that gently buffs out smudges on your screen every time you pull it out of the case. Even the slots for cartridges were thoughtfully designed, with finger grooves to aid you retrieving them from the case’s tight grip. All these design elements, along with the overall look and feel of the CitySlicker give evidence to a very well engineered case in your hands.

Final Verdict

Is the CitySlicker the case to get for your Nintendo Switch? For everyday carry of the Nintendo Switch outside your home, the CitySlicker is the perfect solution. Precision engineered with just the Switch in mind, you can be confident your console will be protected from life’s bumps and jostles, while carrying everything you’ll need to enjoy it on the go. Its practical design is enhanced by an elegant, rugged look that you’ll feel comfortable using in a subway, workplace break room, coffee shop, or on a plane trip.

Even if you already own a different one, the CitySlicker is the case to switch to.


  • Holds Switch safely and securely from all sides
  • Great style
  • Durable


  • Not cheap
  • The magnetic front clasp takes a bit to get used to
A CitySlicker case was provided at a substantial discount for the purposes of this review.

Tim Bledsoe

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