How To Fix Pixel 6 Not Updating To Android 13

Google are finally rolling out the long awaited Android 13 update for Pixel devices but like a bad joke, the Pixel 6 is having some problems. For some reason some Pixel 6 phones (mine included) have been getting an update for Android 12 instead of 13. Which is weird because the Pixel 6a didn’t have the same issue. So how do you fix the Pixel 6 Not Updating To Android 13?

The simple answer is:

Yup, the fix for me at least was the tried and true IT solution for pretty much everything, “have your tried turning it off and on again.” After a few restarts the phone prompted me to install the update for android 13 in the notification bar. Now mind you, this worked for me on my Pixel 6, it may not work for you and yours but it’s worth a try.

Will Android 13 Fix Pixel 6?

Hope this helps Fix Pixel 6 with the Android 13 update for you. If not then just be patient and feel free to share any other solutions you may have come across along with this post if it helps you.

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