How Do You Stop Edge From Syncing with Chrome

With how well Microsofts Edge has been performing, it’s such a shame they’ve included the syncing bug. What is the syncing bug? you may ask. Well if you use both Edge and Google Chrome, you’ve probably already encountered it by now.

So how do you stop Edge from syncing all your data from Google Chrome? It’s a common issue with the browser which can be fixed quite easy. To solve the issue, we’ll first go over what it does.

The Problem

At some point during their development of the chromium browser, Edge, the devs decided it was a good idea for it to synce your data from Chrome on each launch. That meant with each launch of your browser it would sync everything you had on Chrome with Edge, everything!

This makes sense thanks in part to Chrome’s almost 70% market share. Idealologically they probably assumed that people would switch if all their logins, bookmarks and other settings were already there. That’s not entirly how people opperate though. Most of people have a prefered browser and a secondary one.

Force is usually not the way

Usually when one is forced into an undesired outcome they’ll in turn grow to resent the one who forced them into said outcome. In this case the one forcing the switch is the same browser they want people to use.

The Solution

Open Edge

Go to settings

Profiles then Import browser data

Import browser data on each launch

Turn that hot trash off


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