New Akiba’s Beat Trailer Teases Helper Maids and Secret Characters

With just seven days left until the May 16 launch of AKIBA’S BEAT, XSEED Games released a new trailer featuring the game’s cast of marvelous Maids. Headed to PlayStation4 and PlayStation Vita systems, the satirical JRPG features dual audio support with both English and Japanese language dialog options covering each of its nearly 22,000 spoken lines. Players who pre-order AKIBA’S BEAT can still receive the game’s mascot character, Pinkun, who comes to life as a pocket plushie.

When every day is Sunday and the streets of Akihabara lead to “Delusionscapes” filled with monsters, maids can be your greatest guides. Once you’ve convinced them to join you, they’ll alert you to whatever’s nearby – treasure, enemies, Delusionscapes, the works! If you’re lucky, they might even help you out a little in battle.

Adrian Moses

A massive biggest One Piece fan who just wants to spend his days on a world adventure.