SpeedRunners out now on PlayStation 4

Though we haven’t actually done a full review of this title yet, we have played and endorsed it a great deal. We’ve played the PC version since it was in early access, and it’s one of the most fun you can have with 4 other friends.

The game is simple, and easy to pick up due to it’s less than complicated controls. The main reason you’ll likely play this game is to crush your friends, or to be crushed by them in a Mario Kart styled 2D platforming race.

SpeedRunners has sold over a million units on Steam already. It had one hell of a ride being one of the first Early Access games, being showcased at dozens of events and organically creating crowds at each one. So now it’s time to for it to makes it’s name on Sony’s flagship console.

SpeedRunners was released Last month on Xbox One. Today it’s live on PS4 EU and NA. This is not a review, but we do highly recommend the game.

Qudduws Campbell

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