tinyBuild Just Releases Party Hard 2 Alpha 2

tinyBuild Today released party Hard 2 Alpha 2! It contains 2 levels, the original from Alpha 1 and a brand new Bar level.

About Party Hard 2

 After not getting your Christmas Bonus, the only logical thing to do is go on a stabbing spree to stop the corporate party. Party Hard 2 follows the story of twisted murders taking place around holiday parties.
  • Brand new 3D engine
  • Large sprawling levels
  • Explosions! Inventories! Special abilities!

Party Hard 2 takes the stealth strategy series to a whole new level. You no longer need to take out the whole party, rather specific targets in it. This adds a layer of strategy and depth to the game. With a brand new inventory system, you can carry up to 3 extra items (plus the knife) with you, placing bombs and other strategical items. It plays and looks like a whole new game.

Why fans should pre-purchase the game

By Pre-Purchasing, fans get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the development of Party Hard 2. They will be releasing frequent Alpha Builds and you’ll get to see how the game evolves. Even today, after playing Alpha 1, you will notice a huge improvement in Alpha 2.

  • The Collector’s Edition of Party Hard 2 on launch, featuring an OST
  • Access to all future Alphas. Expect 5-7 of them this year
  • That cozy feeling of helping indie devs out

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