HyperX Gaming Eyewear First Impressions

As gaming has become more mainstream and even profitable many things have changed since the days of couch co ops and CRT TVs. Among those changes is the amount of time we spend starring at screens and in return many companies have done research into the effect this has on our minds and bodies. That’s where the “HyperX Gaming Eyewear” comes in.

HyperX  enter the Gamer eye wear game with their beautiful crystal clear glasses with superior blue light protection. Over the past few years many pro gamers and streamers have complained of eye strain during long and intense gaming sessions. This eye strain is caused by blue light and UV rays among other causes.

Upon receiving the “HyperX eyewear” the first thing I noticed was the nice case I’ve grown accustomed to in all my HyperX merchandise. The second thing I noticed after opening the case and pulling the glasses out of the bag was how elegant the plastic frames looked with the signature HyperX Red highlight along the rather black sleek frames.




I must say after wearing them for a few hours of working on my PC I will say the frames are lightweight and comfortable and lightly rest on my ears which is noticeable but not so much that it’s annoying. The lens are made of a MR-8™ which causes minimal color loss while cutting the blue UV that all digital product screens emit. I noticed when putting on the frames that some text became sharper or maybe it was a mind trick. However after wearing them for daily digital work, gaming, and watching TV I will say it seems that majority of my screen time is crisper while wearing them. Over all my first thoughts of the “HyperX eyewear” is extremely positive and the addition of eye wear is a welcomed addition to HyperX’s already amazing line.


Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer

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