New Trivia, Game It’s Quiz Time supports up to 10,000 viewers Players

It’s Quiz Time is a new trivia game for the PlayStation 4 that plays similarly to the Jackbox Games. Publisher, Vision Games Publishing Ltd claims that  It’s Quiz Time, the largest party quiz game on console and PC. The game is already out for the PS4, however we haven’t had a chance to play it yet, so if you’re on the fence about this one we recommend checking if other outlets have reviews for it, or waiting until we’ve had some time to cover it here.

It’s Quiz Time is the work of Snap Finger Click (Act it Out!), the UK-based studio crewed by former Buzz! developers, in partnership with Vision Games Publishing, and represents the ultimate quiz party game on PC and console. For those eager to host their own quiz show and share it with the world, It’s Quiz Time is one of the first natively livestream enabled video games and was built from the ground up for streamers to not only broadcast to their community, but to actually play directly with their audience. The game will launch featuring two game modes designed specifically for live streaming, with two more in development to be released in the future.

The first, Live Show, is a game mode developed to allow you not only to broadcast on your channel, but to host your own quiz show for up to 10,000 viewers to compete head to head and play along using the chat function. In the second mode, Play with Friends, players can select up to 7 others from theirs friends or the audience, either locally or online, and compete head to head in a standard game or custom quiz designed by you – all while live and streaming.

It’s Quiz Time retails for an introductory price of £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, for a limited time only, while a Season Pass, with special Event Quizzes and new game features, will become available early 2018. The first Event Quiz, based on the ‘Best of 2017’ is set to be released mid-December and will be free for early-buyers.

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