GAMDIAS HERMES P3 RGB First Impressions

Hot off the heels of the ZEUS P1 RGB by GAMDIAS the HERMES P3 RGB lights the way in keyboard technology. The HERMES P3 first hits you out of the box with it’s high end appearance, knocking you back with the sleek metal brushed backing that is set perfectly into the plastic backing and curved edges. The HERMES P3 is nothing less than what you’d expect from GAMDIAS, a perfect balance of sleek sophistication packed with a Pro Gamer punch once setup.

The HERMES P3 is rocking the GAMDIAS switch which is 2.0mm shorter full travel than the standard gaming keyboard switch. The HERMES kicks the door in with 2 dedicated macro keys and up to 6 100% anti-ghosting allowing you to spread across the HERMES faster than your competition which may just be the difference between Glory and Death. The secret behind the speed and notorious lag killer is the 32bit Arm Cortex Processor built to give you a lag free experience while processing all your inputs as quickly as you can register them.

With the shorter key switches in the HERMES P3 I must say I was semi worried it would take me a little of practice to get my keystrokes down but, I must say that I’m finding that not only are my natural movements still registering the correct key but since they are lower I’m finding that I’m able to actually physically push myself with the same precision that I’ve had with previous keyboard. I would say that my production just in typing alone is increased by 20% or more. The feedback that it still packs with each click is just the perfect amount to register in your fingers that you’ve made a stroke and to move on without having to move your fingers even a fraction of what a standard switch is you can be across and on to the next key before your opponent even gets a full click from a standard switch.

 And of course I can’t write a review on anything without talking about the RGB capabilities. The HERMES P3 is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced packing a 16.8 million RGB back light. The amount of RGB functionality brought to us through the HERA software (GAMDIAS custom software which you need to install to truly unlock any and every GAMDIAS product.) the options are endless and very effect from speed, brightness and every combination you could imagine for it to be displayed.. Oh? You have a combination GAMDIAS doesn’t have pre made for you? Well luckily the HERA software allow you to make your very own custom pattern so settle down and get to creating it yourself! Other than that the HERA software unlocks many other features we go over in the video below.



Before we end though lets go over the specs for those of us that thrive on numbers and tingle when we talk about polling rate or cable lengths.

Overall I am loving the HERMES P3 only thing that could of been added BUT would of made keyboard a little larger or cramped would of been a dedicated volume scroll wheel but again thats extremely minor but if it’s a must have the GAMDIAS M2 7Color does offer it. However you’d need to weight pros and cons as I believe the M2 doesn’t have the same low profile switches that the HERMES P3 is rocking along with a few other things including limited RGB to 7 colors and no effects.. Then again the volume is conveniently located on the F6-F8 keys so it’s really a small thing.

Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer