Face Your Inner Demons in PAST CURE

The life of a soldier isn’t an easy one. When mixed with years of experimentation, torture and psychic powers however, eventually somethings gotta give. Berlin indie developer Phantom 8 invites us all to search for the missing pieces of our mind in their upcoming story driven action thriller PAST CURE.

PAST CURE puts players in the role of Ian, a former elite soldier, whose story begins at his brother’s safe house where he’s hidden himself away from the world and his nightmares. After years of experimentation, coupled with years of torture in prison, Ian is now telekinetic and can also manipulate time. These powers take their toll on Ian, whose mind is fractured; often drifting between reality and hallucinogenic states. With the help of his Brother, Ian sets out on a path of revenge and discovery, not knowing what lies around the next corner.

“Developed by a team of only eight, we aim to showcase that desire, talent and ambition can help you deliver a title that stands apart from what’s traditionally expected from an Indie studio. PAST CURE is our first title, and having secured multiple awards throughout its development, the team is excited to finally have the game out in the wild.”

– Simon Gerdesmann; Phantom 8 Managing Director



The game will be available for digital pre-order and purchase soon on Steam, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and other leading digital platforms. Physical pre-orders are already available for PS4 and XB1 at the usual retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and Target.

PAST CURE is most definitely an ambitious launch title for emerging indie developers Phantom 8. As an avid supporter of Indie titles, PAST CURE has certainly captured my interest. The tenuous balance between Action adventure and psychological thriller is a hard one to manage but the team at Phantom 8 have shown the conviction to get it down.

PAST CURE will release worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One on February 23, 2018 for $29.99.

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