Looking for Switch accessories? Snakebyte switches it up.

As many of you recover from the holiday season, I’m sure you received some awesome presents. Some of which might of been a new Nintendo Switch, and with that you may be looking for the perfect accessories for this console. The Nintendo Switch is not just a epic home console but also a portable console. So with that many new factors come in to play, unlike many other consoles where you may just need controller chargers or a headset. The Nintendo Switch also needs protection like a screen protector and carrying case, thumb stick covers, extra controllers and so on.

So lets talk about a newer and powerful aftermarket company unlike any other. We’ve all had those extra controllers that were designated to “Player 2” or our friends. This is mainly because OEM controllers used to have a bad connotation. They were poorly made or maybe felt weird in our hands but in this day and age new companies have been solving this problem and today I’m going to introduce you to my new “Player 1” company at “Player 2” pricing.

That’s were Snakebyte comes in with their Game:Pad S line for the Nintedno Switch.

The Game:Pad S is a nice alternative for couch playing featuring a cord. (Note they also offer a wireless Game:Pad as well)  The controller rocks a easy to hold design with sturdy feeling material. I’ve loved having it as my go to controller for couch play. The joysticks alone feel sturdy and buttons have nice feed back to them. below you’ll find the features from snakebyte.

  • Console style controller for precision gaming
  • Dual rumble vibration for total immersion
  • Capture button enables you to save and share your best gaming moments
  • Assignable turbo feature for when your fingers just aren’t fast enough
  • Cable length: 3 meter/ 9.8 feet

Maybe you enjoy the Joycons or received a second pair for the Holidays. Snakebyte also has you covered in keeping your two sets of joycons charged and ready for action at any time with their Four:Charge.

The nice thing with this is that like all other Snakebyte products it is made of quality material for a long life expectancy. Along with the quality of the build the Four:Charge also rocks a sleek design that even my wife doesn’t mind looking at which is saying a lot.

  • Charging station compatible with Joy-Con (L/R)™ for Nintendo Switch™
  • Charges up to 4 controllers simultaneously
  • LED charging status indicator
  • USB powered (connectable to the Switch® docking station)

The next few items we had the pleasure of looking at are for the other main use of the Switch which is portable use. The first thing I reccomend to all new (and old if you still don’t have this) Switch owners is a compact yet protective Switch case, a screen protector, cartridge holders, and earbuds or headphones. Snakebye covers this necessity with the Starter:Kit Pro

The Starter:Kit Pro not only nails it with a sleek case, comfy rich earbuds but also kicks it off with extra comfy joycon grips. I never really thought about the joycons as uncomfortable but, after adding the silicone joycon covers I must admit I don’t think I could go back to not having them. Not only do they protect your joycons but they also puff out on the back side to comfortably form a bump on the back giving my hand a better grasp and not having to bend my fingers as much to hold it securely. The case also rocks a built in cartridge holder and this package comes with a nice tempered glass screen protector.

  • Premium accessory set for Nintendo Switch™
  • Woven fabric-like carrying case with hand-strap and screen protecting flap which also holds 12 game cartridges
  • Ultra-hard tempered glass for extra screen protection
  • Premium silicone grips with extra padding at the bottom for better handling
  • Also includes: Control Caps, Ear Buds and Cleaning Cloth
  • The ideal starter set to use and protect your console on the go

As all Switch owners know the battery life is ok but far from great. Many people have came up with solutions like portable battery packs. Which granted does work and I’ve used numerous times but, the issue with this is that you can’t use the kickstand or rest the Switch on end while charging due to bad product design from Nintendo. Snakebyte has came up with their own solution in the Power:Pack which not only adds up to 4 hours of batter life. But this may not be the best part of this battery pack solution. The Power:Pack is a huge bump in battery life BUT it also features a very well designed kickstand which we all know the Switch severely is lacking of. I for one have used the Switch on planes several times and always wanted that Nintendo commercial experience. I sadly can’t as the standard kickstand is just not designed that well but, with the Power:Pack I am excited for my next flight.

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch™
  • 7000 mAh capacity for up to four hours of additional play time
  • Attaches securely to the back of the console
  • Integrated kickstand
  • LED charge indicator
  • Charging and playing simultaneously
  • Chargeable while being attached to the Switch® console
  • Chargeable by using an USB car adaptor

Lastly as you may know I take my audio serious. I listen to podcasts 10 hours a day 5 – 6 days a week. I have a giant sub and speakers hooked up to my PC at home and Rock new PC Gaming headsets monthly almost seeking for better quality and richer sound. Snakebyte I must say has blown me away with the portability, sounds quality, and style of their Head:Phone. Rocking Switch colors, foldable design, and lightweight material. I must say I am thoroughly excited when I sit down and put them on diving deep into the sounds of the Zelda open fields or the battles of Nine Parchments. I love them and though they wont fit in the carrying case like earbuds for me I’m willing to carry them separately. Although Snakebyte states they are intended for Switch use, I will admit I have used them several times for listening to podcasts, music and audio books while I’m at work before plugging them in for a lunch break game session.

  • Stereo headphones for use with Nintendo Switch™
  • Foldable and comfortable design
  • 40mm audio drivers for excellent sound quality
  • Cushioned ear shells for extra comfort
  • Nintendo Switch™ colors

Overall I honestly can’t find any reason to look outside Snakebyte for aftermarket accessories not only for my Nintendo Switch but all my other Console needs. Snakebyte is a true high quality company who brings respect back to the aftermarket market place. From keen detail to quality, design and style I encourage you to look them over at mysnakebyte.com and see for yourself. I know you won’t be disappointed and your wallet won’t cry upon checkout like mine has in the past.


Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer