NIS America Bringing GOD WARS To The Nintendo Switch

God Wars: Future Past may not have made my Game Of The Year 2017 submissions, however it wasn’t too far off of making the cut. It’s a great SRPG and I’m happy to see that NIS America are porting it tote Nintendo Switch as a Complete Edition titled, GOD WARS The Complete Legend.


The publisher has slated the game for a Fall 2018 release, adding even more to their already large list of Japanese releases slated for the popular Nintendo Switch platform. The game will also be getting both a Physical and Digital release in both the NA and EU regions.

GOD WARS The Complete Legend will feature all of the content and DLC from GOD WARS Future Past, as well as a brand-new character, Orihime, and the Legend of Yomi: a new dungeon that outlines the story of Kaguya over 50 stages! The Legend of Yomiincludes the prince of Hyuga, Momotaro, his crew as playable characters, and muliple endings. GOD WARS The Complete Legend also features quality of life changes that make GOD WARS The Complete Legend the definitive release of the game. PS4 and PS Vita owners of GOD WARS Future Past will be able to play the new Legend of Yomi DLC on PlayStation™Network, as well as the quality of life updates.

The Complete Legend enhances the already great game over 100 hours of new content in the Legend of Yomi, as well as the complete story from GOD WARS Future Past, including all of its DLC, and updates to the game’s mechanics.

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