NIS America’s Second 2018 Surprise, Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Arrives This Fall

There were two games announced at NIS America’s annual press event in San Francisco that I didn’t know about prior to their announcements – Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk was one of them. I can’t say that I’m as excited to play this one as I am for Assault Spy, but I’m open to what it has to offer when it arrives in North America and Europe in Fall 2018 for Nintendo Switch™ (physical/digital), PlayStation®4 (physical/digital), and for Windows via Steam® (digital).

In this game you become the living book, Tractatusde Monstrum, and command a brigade of puppet soldiers as you navigate the twisting passageways of the labyrinth of Refrain. When at your base, prepare for your journey by upgrading your brigade! Create new puppet soldiers, assign them different squads and formations, synthesize better equipment, take requests from townsfolk, and get assistance from Dronyain the form of Witch Petitions.


Once you’ve entered the labyrinth, be sure to search every nook and cranny as you jump over barricades, solve puzzles, and smash your way through walls to delve further and further downward in search of treasure and rare artifacts. But be careful, the more riches you obtain, the more vicious the dungeon becomes. Can you survive long enough to bring your haul back? Fight past terrifying monsters by giving orders to your puppet brigade. Change their formation, use special skills, or call for an all-out attack! The battles you face will be challenging, so your success depends on your preparation and your strategy.

Key Features:

  • A Massive Maze -Dive into the miasma-filled labyrinth as the Tractatusde Monstrum along with your brigade of puppet soldiers to smite monsters and uncover dark secrets.
  • Fast-Paced Combat! -Strange creatures and traps of all sorts will stand in your path as you go deeper in the maze. Give orders to your army and crush them with special skills!
  • Build an Undefeatable Army -Create your very own puppet soldiers, grant them a variety of different roles, and assign them to specialized squads to make your own unique brigade!

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