Dolmen Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

There’s a new horror game on the horizon, ready to take us back to out into the deep darkness of space where no one can hear you scream. Massive Work Studio, a Brazilian based independent developer, has announced the arrival of DOLMEN, a cosmic horror action-rpg which was shown at PAX East 2018. The studio has officially launched its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with hopes of an early 2019 release for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A release for the Nintendo Switch is also tentatively carded, based on the success of the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

In DOLMEN, players have managed to survive a crash landing onto Revion Prime, the location of the greatest recorded massacre in galactic history. As the sole survivor of a crew of astronauts who have been pulled from charted space and abducted into a distant future, you awake below the planet’s surface with no supplies, no idea of how you got there or what happened to your crew. Alone on Revion Prime, where it feels like you have been forgotten by life itself, your journey begins in the dark.

DOLMEN challenges players to adapt to survive against the harsh elements and eldritch monstrosities belonging to a hostile alien world. All gear, including armor, weapons and consumables, must be harvested from the finite resources available on the planet as you try to survive, and power your space suit with Reactors to gain new attributes. The abominable beings that populate the planet react dynamically and differently when attacked, but by gaining experience, you can level up your character to improve your chances of survival.

DOLMEN has been a true labor of love over the last year, but we need your support to help us cross the finish line and finally release the game next year.”

– Pedro Bastos, Producer at Massive Work Studio


Massive Work Studio is very excited by the launch of DOLMEN’s Kickstarter campaign after the great showing at PAX East. Take a look for yourself and see if you’re willing to show your support

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