PES 2019 Release Date Announced

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is my most played game of 2017/2018 season of football thus far. The reason for that is because Konami has offered the best gameplay experience in their game. Though I’ve played both FIFA and PES this year, PES 2018 had the edge. So you can only imagine how excited I am about the upcoming release of PES 2019.

Konami announced today that the next entry in their footy franchise will launch for the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 28th, 2018. The PC version will be released a couple days later on August 30th. There was no information regarding versions of the game for other platforms or a possible PES 2019 Lite. We have reached out to Konami for more info and will update you when it becomes available.

What can we expect from PES 2019 this year?

Recently Konami announced that they lost the licenses for UEFA’s club completions. UEFA clarified that they will continue working with the publisher with regards to their international completions. This left the Champions League and Europa League virtual branding up in the air. It also lead to lots of speculation that EA would snatch them up for their next entry in their game.

So what does that mean for PES 2019? Well for starters Konami have announced that they’re acquiring more licenses for leagues, clubs, stadiums and legends. The publisher will announce what these will be in the coming weeks leading up to the game’s release. This will include the world’s biggest pre-season football tournaments, International Champions Cup (ICC). Elements of the ICC will be implemented into Master League, which will also include a new negotiation system, living menus and realistic transfers, elevating the mode to new heights.


PES 2019 will be accompanied by improved gameplay, an aspect that Konami has managed to be the best at. With the addition of what they call Visible Fatigue, players will be able to see an impact on performance and behavior. There will also be new shooting mechanics to take into account improved ball physics, player and ball position, and player skills and shot styles. Hitting the back of the net in PES 2019 will be more satisfying than ever before with new net physics and celebrations added, teamed with new crowd animations.

Konami will also be upping the visuals this year through the help of ‘Enlighten‘ Software. Real time ‘Global Illumination’ lighting and shadows has led to improved in-game graphics with better crowd detail, real grass textures and the return of the incredibly popular snow weather effect.

What about PES 2019 myClub?

myClub will see its biggest revamp to date, as the brand new player card design system leads a series of revolutionary changes to the way players build their squads. myClub players can also look forward to finding High Performance Players, including Legend Players and Players of the Week with temporarily boosted stats based on real world performances.

PES 2019 will be available in two physical editions, with new global ambassador Phillippe Coutinho on the front cover of the standard edition and David Beckham on a special edition which gives fans the opportunity to unlock myClub bonuses. Also available at launch will be a digital-only Legend edition that will include even more content for myClub! [As always we don’t recommend pre-ordering games until you are able to view reviews of them]

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