Take to the Sky with Pilot Sports

Have you been itching for a Pilot Wing esk game? Well I know I’ve missed the days of taking to the sky. While at PAX West 2018 I found a game that scratches that itch beautifully. Pilot Sports is a great nod to the game we all loved growing up. With more than 50 courses and four styles of air travel you’ll find yourself lost in flying bliss.

Ranging from Airplanes, Jetpacks, Cliff Gliders and a Parachute their is plenty of ways to explore Sunny Island.

While at PAX myself and Tim had a chance to try each of the air crafts and parachute out. The controls for the Switch are very well done and the courses are laid out in a fun and enjoyable pattern. The Split Screen being Horizontal is by far the best I have seen in a while in a game of this nature. Allowing both players to get a good view of the island. Pilot sports supports up to four local players and would make a great addition to a party game lineup.

The one I struggled with the most on the controls would have to be the Parachute but Tim seemed to have it down from the start. Pilot Sports will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 but if I’m being honest it would be a shame to not have this in a Switch collection.

Although some ways of travel offer modes like Best Time or Score which they may all share, the thing that separates them is the fact that each craft offers such a different variety it felt like a new challenge each round. Overall my time with the beautiful looking game was highly enjoyable and worth every second. I look forward to grabbing this when I finally comes to Switch.

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Zach Auld

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