Pathfinder: Kingmaker makes its way to PAX West

Do you crave the table top experience you love in a video game? Well lets talk about Pathfinder Kingmaker. While at PAX West I had the pleasure of running through a campaign and meeting with the Dev team. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a single-player isometric CRPG set in a D&D type game. Paying tribute to classic games such as Baldurs Gate it sucks you in with awesome voice acting and vibrant story telling. If you’re unfamiliar with Pathfinder that’s perfectly fine. Kingmaker can be enjoyed from new fans such as myself down to the devoted fans that know all lore and back stories. Kingmaker takes an interesting and perfect approach to filling us new fans in. During  dialogue you can hover over highlighted text that we may not know about and BAM it gives you all you need to know about the kingdom, weapon, location or whatever it might be. Through my time with the dev team i picked their ear and learned lots about the choices they made. The game is going to be a very long and well scripted story driven campaign across a vast and living land.

During the story you’ll have the ability to recruit up to 11 companions to help you on your quest. Though each companion is vastly different, each with their own opinion of you and others. If you happen to get to far away from their alignment or another companion does you may just lose them or have to make a choice. Each companion as you progress through friendship or more will reveal a story of their own and may ask for your help on certain issues. This as i spoke to the devs reminds me of one of my top games DAO (Dragon Age Origins) as a back story fan I love diving head in and seeing what we can learn about the land, and the people of it. Besides who doesn’t want to know about your companions love interest, family shame or why they had to kill their parents to save a kingdom or why they love blood magic? Sorry I digress.


Lets take a moment to talk about gameplay and the various ways you can play Pathfinder: Kingmaker. During the game you’ll encounter many enemies and sometimes even groups. As you and your party venture further you’ll learn more talents and your party members will as well. From blasting fireballs to sword attacks and everything in between. The one nice part of the game is before any combat the game “Pauses” so you may assign attackers or abilities to an enemy or your group. Once they are assigned please hit the spacebar and let combat resume. Not interested in this detailed of a sequence always? No worries Pathfinder: Kingmaker makes it easy as the companions will instinctively use certain attacks or abilities if you’re not interested in manually assigning them.

The key features and highlights of Pathfinder: Kingmaker are that this will be the very first computer role-playing game set in the Pathfinder Universe. There will be 11 distinct companions with large story lines and relationship choices. 7 core races with 14 different classes with each composing of 3 different archetypes. Kingdom development and building to help shape the world around you and beyond. Finally a dynamic world that will take advantage of a day and night cycle, changing seasons, and a detailed weather system.

The attention to detail in graphics, story-line, and voice acting is spectacular and I can’t wait for this to get released and stream some of it for you. So stay tuned to our site to learn more once it’s officially released.

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