PES Re-branded To ‘eFootball PES 2020’?

Konami dropped a bombshell on us today with the title for PES 2020. The game is being dubbed eFootball PES 2020. Why? I’m not sure, but you can rest assured that I’ll be reaching out to them for clarification.

Names aside, eFootball PES 2020 was revealed to us via a trailer on the official Barcelona FC YouTube Channel and with a launch of a new page on the Konami website. The developers have focused on numerous things this year for eFootball PES 2020, and a lot are stuff fans wanted and stuff they promised for this year. The biggest of which being the overhaul of the Master League mode, which I’ll focus on separately in another article.

Right now I’d like to address the new Matchday mode which will allow players to be a big part of match day rivalries. Align yourself with one of two different sides at the start of each event, wherein every perfectly placed pass and show-stopping goal you unleash contributes points toward your side’s victory. Stand alongside PES newcomers and seasoned veterans alike as you work together to gradually build an advantage for your side ahead of the grand final of each event.

eFootball PES 2020 will also see an expected boost in visuals. Many speculated that we’d see the game make a jump to the Unreal Engine 4, but it seems we’re just getting an improvement on the current engine. I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed, given what the Unreal Engine 4 could mean for the possibilities of a Nintendo Switch port. That aside, what we’ve gotten does look great. The Contrast seems to have been turned up and more emphasis has been placed on the lighting system.

The 3D models for certain players have also been improved to add a greater layer of photorealism. Just looking at the model of Messi for this year’s game makes my jaw drop, and it’s even more jaw dropping in motion. Scanned players have been recreated with exceptional attention to detail, with each of their movements calculated and rendered in game with stunning accuracy.

Those new movements are also thanks to some improvements to the gameplay. This year Konami have made improvements to the game with the help of Spain and Barcelona Legend Andrés Iniesta. They translated his innate ability to read the space around him and slip through the tiniest cracks of an otherwise impregnable defensive line into a new dynamic dribbling technique.

They’ve added finesse dribbling to allow players more time on the ball and might I just add the ability to shove the opposition to make space. Trapping has also been improved apparently to include more ways to bring the ball under your spell during play. Work has also gone into the ball physics (which is already amazing), contextual accuracy of kicking the ball, new skills and even the defensive systems.

Be sure to visit the game’s site for more details on each of these improvements: Link

And what about the Turf?

Dramatic improvements to turf rendering are coming to PES 2020 adding depth and personality to each blade of grass. What that actually means is yet to be seen, but so far from what I’ve seen of the game in action, I’m impressed. Since I cover PES on here every year, I’ll be making a massive effort to do the same this year with PES 2020.

eFootball PES 2020 Releases for PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and PC via Steam on September 10th 2019.

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