Discord Gets PS5 Voice Chat Support

Everything these days is becoming more accessible and gaming is no different. It use to be that you’d be locked to the ecosystem you bought into, then we got cross-play between consoles. Now it’s the voice chat turn. In the newest Discord update, PS5 voice chat has been added. Discord and PlayStation teamed up to make hanging out with your friends while gaming easier by bringing Discord voice chat to PlayStation 5 consoles.

Are the console wars over?

This same feature was also added to the Xbox so now with PlayStation it’s almost a full circle. (looking at you Nintendo Switch). With the addition of PS5 voice chat to the fold, you’ll be able to talk to your mates no matter what they happen to be playing on.

On console, you’ll be able to use all the familiar controls from Discord: mute or lower the volume of others while you get a snack, see the name of the voice channel you’re vibin’ in and hang up the call once you’re done and it’s even faster to get talking with your DualSense™ controller’s built-in microphone.

Should you need any additional guidance on your Discord & PlayStation journey, take a stop by the Help Center article and keep it beside you while you’re getting set up.

Qudduws Campbell

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