New Switch Finally Announced

Industry giant, Nintendo, announced today a new more portable version of their new console. This New Switch handheld has been dubbed the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The New Switch lacks some of the functionality of the flagship Nintendo Switch, but makes up for that with it’s more compact lightweight form. Some of the functionality removed for this compactness include the HD rumble feature and the IR camera, two features that were more gimmicks than anything else, so they won’t be missed.

What will be missed however is the ability to connect the New Switch to a tele. It isn’t compatible with the Nintendo Switch docks and as such won’t be capable of being played on a tele at launch. I’m sure the homebrew community will find some way of returning such functionality to the platform, however something like that won’t officially condoned by the manufacture.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will also not be compatible with some of the games in the Nintendo Switch library. Information for this will now be placed on the packaging and digital stores for games to help consumers get games compatible with that device.

Coming in at approximately .61 lbs, it weighs about a quarter less than the original and features a smaller 5.5′ touchscreen instead of 6.2 inches. This means that the handheld will boast a better battery life than the original, clocking in between 3 and 7 hours of game time depending on the application being used on it.

With 3 colours to choose from, a 09/20/2019 launch date and a price of just $199 USD, it’s easy to see the appeal of the Switch lite, but I’m not sure I’d cash in my current Nintendo Switch to get one.

The device seem like it’s targeted towards super fans, kids or people without Nintendo Switches. Without the ability to properly use my mostly digital library on multiple devices I don’t see myself getting one of these anytime soon, unless if it’s for the purpose of reviewing it. If Nintendo improve their digital library options then I’d likely use something like this while traveling, and keep my original for gaming sessions at home on the tele or on the loo.