This week Nintendo Switch is Where The Bees Make Honey

Where the Bees Make Honey launches on Nintendo Switch this week on October 17, and to celebrate a new level has been added to all platforms and the game is 30% off at launch. Enjoy this imaginative journey through moments of Sunny’s childhood as she remembers defining moments in both playable puzzles and narrative action scenes.

Sunny is an office drone drowning in a tedious 9:00 to 5:00, reflecting back on a simpler time when she explored the world in her signature bee costume. As you flashback to Sunny’s childhood, you’ll wear the bee costume and enter a universe of playable puzzles. The game transports you to a time when playing dress-up transformed the world into a universe where anything was possible.

Where the Bees Make Honey is the brainchild of Brian Wilson, a game developer who built the game on the idea of playing pretend as a child. Brian is obsessed with examining single locations in time and space from multiple perspectives. You will see these perspectives as the game shifts from the “real world” of Sunny’s office, to ethereal puzzles and dreamlike memories with their own rules of physics and different visual styles.

All of these vignettes are very low stress and approachable. Although the scenes vary wildly, each is very intuitive to control, and will not require joycon jujitsu to play. Where the Bees Make Honey doesn’t penalize players by making them repeat levels, frustrate them with sudden losses, or put them in high-stress situations. Where the Bees Make Honey can be enjoyed briefly and instantly. It saves constantly, so you can pick it up and put down without penalty. Pour a cup of tea, find a cozy corner with your Switch, and chill out.

Where the Bees Make Honey is also available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but you really should grab the discounted Nintendo Switch version for 30% off on October 17

Tim Bledsoe

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