Valve releases Full Steam Deck Specs

Since the let down that was Nintendo’s Switch OLED, most lost hope for a powerful handheld gaming device. Then in stepped Valve with their Steam Deck – a mobile PC in a similar formfactor as the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming system is set to revolutionize PC gaming for an entire generation thanks its design and of course those glorious Steam Deck Specs.

Steam Deck Specs


  • Processor AMD APU
  • CPU: Zen 2 4c/8t, 2.4-3.5GHz (up to 448 GFlops FP32)
  • GPU: 8 RDNA 2 CUs, 1.0-1.6GHz (up to 1.6 TFlops FP32)
  • APU power: 4-15WRAM16 GB LPDDR5 on-board RAM (5500 MT/s quad 32-bit channels)Storage64 GB eMMC (PCIe Gen 2 x1)
  • 256 GB NVMe SSD (PCIe Gen 3 x4)
  • 512 GB high-speed NVMe SSD (PCIe Gen 3 x4)

All models use socketed 2230 m.2 modules (not intended for end-user replacement)
All models include high-speed microSD card slot

Controls and Input

  • Gamepad controls A B X Y buttons
  • D-pad
  • L & R analog triggers
  • L & R bumpers
  • View & Menu buttons
  • 4 x assignable grip buttonsThumbsticks2 x full-size analog sticks with capacitive touchHapticsHD hapticsTrackpads2 x 32.5mm square trackpads with haptic feedback
  • 55% better latency compared to Steam Controller
  • Pressure-sensitivity for configurable click strengthGyro6-Axis IMU


  • Resolution 1280 x 800px (16:10 aspect ratio)TypeOptically bonded IPS LCD for enhanced readabilityDisplay size7″ diagonalBrightness400 nits typicalRefresh rate60HzTouch enabledYesSensorsAmbient light sensor


  • Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 (support for controllers, accessories and audio)Wi-FiDual-band Wi-Fi radio, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 2 x 2 MIMO, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac


  • Channels Stereo with embedded DSP for an immersive listening experienceMicrophonesDual microphone arrayHeadphone / mic jack3.5mm stereo headphone / headset jackDigitalMultichannel audio via DisplayPort over USB-C, standard USB-C, or Bluetooth 5.0


  • Input 45W USB Type-C PD3.0 power supplyBattery40Whr battery. 2 – 8 hours of gameplay


  • microSD UHS-I supports SD, SDXC and SDHCExternal connectivity for
  • controllers & displaysUSB-C with DisplayPort 1.4 Alt-mode support; up to 8K @60Hz or 4K @120Hz, USB 3.2 Gen 2

Size and Weight

  • Size298mm x 117mm x 49mmWeightApprox. 669 grams


  • Operating SystemSteamOS 3.0 (Arch-based)DesktopKDE Plasma

With so much under the hood, it’s no wonder the upcoming platform is all the buzz. One of the major issues people have with the Nintendo Switch is that it won’t be compatible with most third party titles going forward. This affects performances and of course inevitably the possibility of titles even being ported to it once the PS5 and Xbox Series line take hold. For now the Switch is safe thanks to shortages for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S but that won’t last for ever. Pretty soon they will be the norm and when that time comes devs will be focused on the RDNA 2 platform both are built on. With the Steam Deck Specs also including this new AMD architecture, it’ll in theory receive the same support.

The Steam Deck should start shipping during December 2021 in the US, UK, EU and Canada. If you’re outside those regions then you’ll need to wait will 2022.

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