Has Biomutant’s Release date been Leaked?

One of the most anticipated games of 2019 was the new IP by experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, Biomutant. The action RPG being developed by the Swedish developer captured many eyes at Gamescom, but we’ve yet to see an official release date for the game. So why are we speculating if Biomutant’s Release date been Leaked?

Biomutant at Gamescom 2019

Well that’s all thanks to Amazon and Gamestop. Both retailers have listed the game for pre-order on their website’s for 12/31/2020. Now these listings may just be place holders, but I’d like to assume they’re not. The reason for that is due to the upcoming releases of two new consoles later this year. Both the PS5 and next XBOX are scheduled for a winter 2020 release date, and I’m gonna make the wild speculation that Biomutant will be one of the first few games on them.

With the game being delayed for polish it makes sense that the developer would consider the possibility of porting it to new hardware, especially given that they’ll both be using very familiar architecture. Now as I’ve mentioned before, this is all speculation, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I’m right?

Biomutant is currently officially in development for the PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC.

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