New RPG Second Stone stuns at Ubisoft Forward

Independent developer Skyward Entertainment announced its combat-fueled adventure about exploration and discovery, Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World, will launch in 2024. As revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2022, here is a first look at what to expect from this spellbinding action-RPG title.

The greats inspired Second Stone

With a heavy combination of platforming and RPG elements, Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World paints a colourful and vibrant world taking inspiration from well-loved platforming titles such as Crash Bandicoot and Banjo-Kazooie and blending them together with timeless robust action-RPGs like The Legend of Zelda and Bloodborne, to bring a unique world to life.

A mix of combat, exploration, puzzle solving and character customisation

In Second Stone: The Legend Of The Hidden World, brace for a heroic adventure set in a vast fantasy world where forces of good and evil are in conflict. Players will step into the shoes of a fearless young hero and set forth on an epic journey where they will traverse through a dark parallel world to understand their true purpose.

An interconnected map in a “Metroidvania” style giving players incentive to search every nook and cranny to discover secret Treasure Hunts that offer quick, versatile challenges.

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