PAX West 2020 Apparently Still On

With the current global pandemic shutting down countries and by association travel, we’ve seen many events canceled or postponed. From Gamescom to E3 pretty much every thing was on hold or off the table, but apparently PAX West 2020 is still on.

According to the information we received, the event is intended to be hosted on Friday, Sept. 4 – Monday, Sept. 7 in Seattle as scheduled.

As plans for PAX West take shape, show organizers are optimistic and will continue to carefully monitor the latest developments regarding COVID-19, working with health officials at all levels of government and adhering to the guidelines of the CDC and WHO to ensure our event is safe, health-conscious, and responsible.

Unfortunately despite this optimism it is still unclear when this crisis will be over. As of this moment travel to the US is still limited and with Coronavirus cases continuing to raise it may be wise to cancel the event for this year. That is disregarding the economical impact the virus will have and thus lowering the potential of people attending.

Qudduws Campbell

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