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Hey Guys and Flux! I had an amazing chance to sit down with Adam from Butterscotch Shenanigans at this past PAX West to talk over a new sweet creator tool that they are going to release. Well maybe not so much new as the same freaking one that they created the hit CRASHLANDS with! That’s right the creator tool they used to make such an epic game will be coming to us YES US! They are showing us that creating a game can be easy, OR well creating a game is hard BUT after you do it and you made basically a tool to make your game then release it to the public that it’s easy! OK so you may be wondering why my writing is all over the place, if you weren’t you are now, and if you are wondering you obviously haven’t played CRASHLANDS! and if you haven’t played CRASHLANDS then watch this trailer and re-read my article in his voice.. I’ll wait.


Great now that it’s cleared up and you can stop wondering and imagine me yelling this at you.

I Must say when I say down with Adam I was a bit skeptical that this tool would be as easy as promised, But after looking into and having him coach me through it and the vast number of things it can do I’m convinced that this will be an epic platform for a commoner like myself OR you to get into creating a fun and exciting world… well only if that is what you make BECAUSE you make the world! So please stay tuned as they haven’t released much stuff I will leave you with this. EVERY asset used to make CRASHLANDS is IN this tool and I mean everyone! So if you loved CRASHLANDS OR are just a huge nerd and want to make a game you can share with your friends and random strangers Just wait for the CRASHLANDS CREATOR!

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