Kill it with Fire has a release date and a new demo

Kill spiders from the safety of your PC

Just about everybody hates spiders. Peering at you from the dark corners with their rows of eyes, skittering across the floor or wall with unnatural speed, and sometimes JUMPING AT YOUR FACE, spiders are pretty much the worst. If you find one, there’s really only one option, Kill It With Fire.

To defeat spiders you must exploit their one weakness: FIRE. Or bullets. Or explosions, throwing stars, gettin’ smushed by stuff… OK, pretty much anything, really. But that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy – first, you’ve gotta find them. Utilize state-of-the-art spider tracking technology to pinpoint your prey’s location among hundreds of potential hiding spots – then light everything on fire and smash it with a frying pan after it runs out. It’s the only way to be sure.

Everyone’s home nightmare

​Tiny Build’s new PC Game, Kill it With Fire features:

  • Dozens of weapons.
  • Creepy crawlies.
  • “Realistic” fire simulation system.
  • Gratuitous chaos and destruction.

To prepare for the ultimate battle with spiders, you can fire up this summer with another free chapter Kill It With Fire: Heatwave! This new demo will surprise you with more “realistic” scenes where the creepy crawlies mess around your home while trying to hide their traces.

To help you become a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, the arsenal, map and more equipment are upgraded in the new chapter to maximize your spider hunting skills. In the meantime, the eight-legged enemies should not be underestimated as there are more types of spiders with different features and more challenging tasks. The new content includes:

  • – Spiders do not limit themselves at bedroom, restroom and living room anymore, now you can explore the kitchen, laundry room, and garage for their traces, complete new objectives, and find new equipment.
  • – The first two missions have been re-mixed with content from later in the full game.
  • – Each mission now features an Arachno-Gauntlet with a unique challenge.
  • – Cheese Puffs now come in multiple flavors which can transform spiders into new types.
  • – Exciting new upgrades, including a radar display on the spider tracker!
  • – New Equipment: energy drink, assault rifle, frying pan, and Molotov.
  • – New Spiders: Queen Spider, Jumping Spider, Invisible Spider.
  • – Destructible glass and other objects, updated spider SFX, improved spider climbing, and much much more!

Kill It With Fire is available on August 13 for PC on Steam. Wishlist, pre-purchase for 10% off, or try the demo here.

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