KFC Actually Made A Gaming Console

Yo, I’m gonna have to drop the formal talk because KFC. The fried chicken making KFC. Yes That company have partnered with Cooler Master to make a gaming console. Just when you think it’s over, 2020 keeps giving and giving.

The console is fitted with a unique, custom built internal cooling system to extract system heat through around the outside of the chicken chamber, ensuring that the hardware is kept at a regular core temperature while simultaneously delivering a piping-hot meal.

YO!!! Just let that sink in… a chicken chamber?


Gimmicks aside, the console is no slouch in the power department. It apparently sports an Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element, a replicable Asus powered GPU, PCIe NVMe and two Seagate® BarraCuda® 1TB SSD. All of this us supposed to offer VR support and Ray Tracing at 4k, 240fps on all games.

With that kind of power and KFC’s global reach, could the new KFCONSOLE as it’s being called be the console of choice this generation? Can’t say I’m sold yet but I’m as intrigued at this interesting development in gaming and chicken consumption as much as I’m sure you are.

Qudduws Campbell

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