Bandai To Debut Polish Tekken Character Next

Last Saturday, a glimpse of the next TEKKEN 7 DLC character was teased during the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable #2 livestream. It was also announced that this new character will be entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament in early spring 2021. This new Polish Tekken character also happens to be the Prime Minister of the Eastern European country as well as being female.

The new character is a part of the 4th season of the 3D fighter and will join the likes of Kunimitsu. In addition the game will see some new balancing due to the new characters being added to the rooster. The user interface is also said to be overhauled to make it look cleaner along with changes to the health bar and net code.

In our review for the title about 3 years ago, we called it; “a game that serves two masters, and it does that well. If you’re familiar with the Tekken series then you should feel at home with this one” The rooster was solid at the time and so was the gameplay. Now with even more updates and characters it should raise that bar even further.

Tekken 7 is currently available for the PS4 (PS5), XBOX ONE (XBOX Series X|S) and PC. The new Polish Tekken character should set you back £4.99 ($5.99 USD) by herself or £11.99 ($14.99 USD) as a part of the Season pass.

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