Would You Spend ₤8K On a Desk?

According to Liberty Games, they’ve created the ultimate desk for working from home. This they back up with primary research claims on what British remote workers want. All of this at a price point of just under eight thousand pounds.


OK then, let’s see what you get for the price:

  • The new home office desk includes a boiling hot water tap for instant hot drinks, a wellness alarm clock to remind you to take breaks and a vitamin D sun lamp to boost productivity and happiness
  • British homeworkers stated that a snack fridge was the most desired item for a home desk
  • The desk has incorporated a hidden pull out mini table tennis table for lunchtime entertainment

Um… can I be the first to say that no sensible person would play table tennis anywhere near their monitor, especially if it’s something expensive like the Momentum 326M by Philips. But wait there’s more, more ridiculous ideas. Yup, it’s the hot water tap. Like I know Brits love their tea and all, I love a good cup myself but no, just no to their level of impracticality.

Look, let me be real with you. This desk does not make any sense and anyone who purchases one has to be lacking a few screws but you know what? I don’t doubt they’ll sell a few.

Qudduws Campbell

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