FIFA May Have Already Eaten eFootball Before Launch

Konami promised us an exceptional experience last summer when they released eFootball PES 2021 as an update at a reduced cost. We reviewed the title last summer with the express recommendation to skip it in wait for this year. At the time, the publisher showcased a jaw dropping render of a player for 2022. That being Leo Messi rendered in glorious detail in the Unreal Engine. Fast forward to now and we have what seems to be a mobile game scaled up to higher resolutions.

This is not what they promised and it’s certainly not how you win over players from your competitor. Especially when your main completion is this:

EA have obviously been studying the PES playbook and they’ve been taking lots of notes. They’re obviously aware of why players may be interested in PES and are making moves to woo them. With the addition of creation options for Career Mode and improved gameplay, they may sway many. Even my ears are perked up after seeing the limited offering by Konami with eFootball and their focus seemingly on myClub.

After skipping Master League for a year, it was arguably the aspect of PES (eFootball) that i was looking forward to the most. I hoped the extra time would afford Konami the time to create a new yet enjoyable experience. I hoped they’d add female leagues and so much more but alas that seems unlikely. With Konami now targeting the F2P market, It’s looking like PES may just become a mobile title across multiple platforms and if so I and may will jump ship.

Qudduws Campbell

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