From Manga to Video Game: Mouryou no Yurikago

Boy, does this manga tickle my fancy! Mouryou no Yurikago gives you that mystery, horror type feel with ecchi girls and basic boys. While it may not be all too scary for some, it’s the thrill that gets your heart racing and of course, there is a lot of blood and gore. If you are an adult with an adventurous mind, you should be fine. You may be relieved to know that there aren’t any scary creatures jumping out from this manga into the real world. 

If you haven’t guessed already, I propose this game to be similar in functions to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, categorizing it as a horror game (not to be confused with the anime and any adaptations) because I must admit that I faced my fears reading this manga. The game would begin with 3D anime styled cut scenes which emulate a  sequence based on the story of high school students who embark on a fun-filled field trip, aboard a massive ship somewhere out in the ocean. Sadly, everything begins to go wrong. They end up being terrorized by a serial killer and a contagious disease spreads. Their teacher tried to save them, but he’s now infected.

Consider the fact that you’re dealing with a species similar to that of zombies, but this time it’s a disease that was birthed in a lab with a monkey as the primary subject. Sounds familiar, huh? I’ll say no more to avoid any run-ins with the Illuminati. Notably, this game should allow you to equip a flashlight because without it, you can’t see. This in turn makes it relevant for you to find batteries. Each battery has a “lifespan”. There should be a bar to indicate the battery life. 

Let’s make this real for a second. Food. You must be famished while being on this desolate and deplorable ship. You need fuel to keep you going and what better option than food? While fresh food may be a foreign concept here, ration packs seem suitable for this venture. They are found as you rummage through cupboards and such. Alas, you must fight for your survival aboard this unsafe vessel. 

Mysterious and spooky, this proposed game gives a twist as the ships buoyancy has been compromised. Cut scenes of pipe leaks follow as they are caused by the infected ripping them out to assault you with. An explosion at the side of the ship creates a hole after a specific checkpoint is met, thus, it begins to slowly sink. Luckily, there are lifeboats at the top of the ship, though you’re at the bottom of the ship. 

Don’t call it a ‘Titanic’ rip-off.

You’ll discover little items on deck that help you along the way. While you won’t be bombarded, it should still be a challenge. You’ve got a lot on your plate and this is your last chance to make it out alive. Don’t expect to see an automatic map on the screen, as you must piece together tiny fragments of the map as you progress. You will be able to open drawers, cupboards and move or lift furniture to find items. Of course, it would be appropriate to implement three (3) levels of difficulty. This means an increase in the amount of infected beings that come at you, making your goals harder to achieve. 

Touching on character selection, you would be playing as yourself (one of the extra students) and afforded a name that you can create. As the game progresses, I envision more cut scenes revealing the truth aligned to the manga, in increments. A shift from kawaii colours to a gloomy aura is the visual palette that should preferably occur. It would be best for all game characters to be assigned voices, be able to interact with you and vice versa.

Some of the characters may become a threat to you, as they may secretly become infected. Aboard the ship, it’s your duty to sift out your dangerously dishonest classmates on the journey to escaping this waterborne coffin. It takes a while before you notice any signs that help you spot a recently infected person. I must add that stealth is quite important in this game. You must be as quiet and as gentle as possible, which means that your level of concentration and focus must be on point. You will be able to hide under furniture such as beds and tables and behind curtains as well.

Similar to Amnesia

The infected can walk in an almost normal, upright position. You will have no choice but to fight them with weapons such as pipes, hammers and pieces of wood. Material from furniture can be salvaged for use as weapons. You can trap them and lock them in cupboards as well, but that will only keep them off for a few minutes while you catch your bearings. Similar to Amnesia, you should be able to open and interact with doors. Certain rooms require keys, but some won’t. Ultimately, the features, sound effects and graphics should give you that realistic experience some of us may enjoy. I see a lot of potential in the video game proposal, but sadly it’s underrated. 

MANGA: Mouryou no Yurikago (Cradle of Monsters)
PUBLISHER: Square Enix
MANGAKA: Kei Sanbe
GENRE: Action, Mystery, Drama, Ecchi, Horror
GAME GENRE: Survival Horror

Nikauleene Andrews

One of those Fujoshi you read about in manga came to life.