eFootball 2023 Friendly Matches in Version 2.1.0

Last Thursday Konami improved their footy F2P game in the form of eFootball 2023 friendly Matches. This update – Version 2.1.0 finally brought match making to the almost two year old free-to-play game. Certainly a case of better late than never but how does it hold up?

After approximately nine games across the Xbox Series S and PS5 it was mostly stable. Yes there have been some noticeable stutters but nothing too egregious. For the most part it works as it should. Matching with a friend is a simple act of creating a match room then giving them the room code to search for. On the Xbox this is made even easier by an option to send an invite once you’ve created the room.

How you choose to play has some variation however this is where we see some of the callousness towards fans. They’ve pretty much unlocked more match options for this mode while keeping those same options locked out from the local play mode, “Trail Match” as it’s titled. Why they’ve chosen to lock out these options is clear to see. Konami clearly wish to drive their player base towards their service based options but to the detriment of their local player base.

eFootball 2023 Friendly Matches major or not?

Whether this is a good move for the franchise is will require more elaboration. For now we have a bit of an improvement to what’s currently on offer.

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