Persona 5 releasing next month?

Persona 5 JP Release date

Atlus updated there Japanese Persona 5 website with a timer counting down. As of this article the timer reads 320 hours, which is roughly about 13 days from now.

Persona 5 JP Release date

We’re not sure if this timer means that the game will be released on May 5th or if its just a date for more details. All we know is we can’t wait for that timer to hit zero to find out.

As of this post the US Persona 5 website has not shown any changes as it’s Japanese counterpart, so we can take that as a sign that the US version will not be released along with the Japanese version.

Persona 5 will be available for PS3 & PS4. As soon as we have the exact released dates we’ll be sure to update you on them.


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  1. It is incredibly unlikey that it’ll come out on May 5th. It’ll most probably be the day they actually reveal the release date for it.

  2. I’m inclined to agree. It’s the thing to do at the minute, timers to announcements. Most likely we’ll see it released around Q4 sometime with a release in the back end of Q1 next year in the US and Q3 next year in the UK.

    Though I hope they pull a bravely default and release it in the uk first and make you yanks wait a few more months ???

      1. Nah won’t happen. From what I’ve read they’d have to gimp the game significantly in both performance and graphics to get it to run on the vita.

        Shame they killed the vita 2 cause the rumoured specs for that should have been more than adequate.

        As much as I love the vita, it is starting to show its age now. The best we can hope for is that they implement the remote play system, where you can stream the game from your ps4 to the vita

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