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Dragon who

Dragon Who is a very interesting short Korean manga (Manhwaseries that I completed over the weekend, and no it has nothing to do with doctor who. This one tells the story of a young man named Roa who happens to be a dragon. Roa is on a quest to find the descendant of the last Quezalcoatl, (kinda the god of dragons) to make her his wife in an attempt to continue his race while also saving the world. Roa however was raised on a remote island where he spent most of his time training until his grandmothers sent him to Korea to to find his possible future bride. Sadly due to his upbringing he has no understanding of how to interact with females and so after he arrives and enrolls in the school in which she is suppose to be attending he is perceived to be a bit of an odd ball by his fellow classmates. This soon changes after he starts searching the school to find the Quezalcoatl’s daughter, who is no different from any other girl except for a small dragon scale on her lower back. Given that he was raised in an isolated location he proceeds to go about his search in a boldly straightforward manner which results in him being branded a pervert, and as a result he is then shunned by the girls, making his task even harder.

Ok so we’ll end our little synopsis here…. if you’re like to know what happens next I suggest reading the manga.

dragon who Roa pervert
look at that pervert go


The story of this manga is exciting with some well illustrated action panels, while also managing to be very hilarious when you least expect it. In some manga this type of writing may result in a case of identity crisis that can confuse the reader, but the writer finds a way to find a sweet balance akin to many greats like One Piece and Dragon ball. The manga is however a  Korean manga so even though the illustration looks very Japanese it still manages to express a Korean nature. whether  that is by constantly mentioning that the characters are in Korea, their names being extremely long or the way in which you read from right to left. (BTW the reading direction takes a bit to get use too if you’re accustomed to reading Japanese styled manga). As far as short manga stories go this one is up there as one of the most interesting, and well paced. It something that easy to start reading and engaging enough to keep you reading.

Did I mention that the dragons look bad arse ?


Dragon Who is the second Korean manga that I have had the pleasure of reading as of this article and just like Ping it was a pleasant read. It was the right kind of length, managing to be quite charming while not overstaying its welcome. its the kind of manga that you can read in between waiting for the next chapters of your favorite long running series. I managed to make this 34 chapter gem last me a couple weeks, however if you want you can read it all in a few hours or over a weekend. it’s up to your preference really. it will keep you interested from beginning to end, so if you have an open spot in your manga list feel free to start reading this one.


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