Nintendo Slashing The New 3DS Price For Black Friday

Nintendo have announced that they will be releasing a specially edition New 3DS (the smaller one not the XL) for the sweet price of $100 USD for Black Friday. The Limited Edition handhelds will come in black and white variants with a Mario design slightly visible across the back of the platform.




So who is are these Limited Edition New 3DS for?

Well It’s not for those of us that already have a 3DS or New 3DS. These New 3DS are for anyone that has not gotten a 3DS system yet and want to get one. For those with a 3DS I won’t recommend getting this or any other version of the New 3DS because there aren’t enough games exclusive to them to justify the switch. Most of the best 3DS games run well on the standard 3DS and it should be noted that development of new games for the platform have come to a crawl, and I don’t expect them to pick back up due to the upcoming release of Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve never had a 3DS then this is the best time to get one. Newcomers to the platform should find tons of great titles to play in it’s sizable catalog which includes gems like Inazuma Eleven, Super Mario 3D land, Two Zelda Remasters, and numerous others that will keep you busy.

Both Variants of the New 3DS will be available from November 25th. If you’re interested in getting one, you should find it for pre-order at most online retailers. 

Qudduws Campbell

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