“Voodoo” Seeking Submissions for In-Game Content


Brain in the Box, creators of the upcoming open-world primal survival game Voodoo, are calling for creative submissions from the general public. The indie developers are seeking submissions from artists, historians, anthropologists, and technologists.

“Africa is such a diverse continent in terms of culture and heritage. Imagine how much we’ll miss or mess up if we don’t get as much input as possible,” the studio’s CEO, Paolo Chairamello commented.

The game is set in a fantasy primal Africa at the dawn of civilization, and so the Italian studio’s reasons for the call for submissions include:

  • Representation: The Italian indie game studio is fully aware of their lack of experience with the geographical setting in which Voodoo is set. With limited time and resources for the project, they are counting on those with more knowledge to share. “We’re just game developers,” says Roberto Digiglio, the studio’s Lead Artist. “We’re making art here, but we don’t want to paint the wrong picture.”
  • Diversity: Voodoo is going to be a land of tribes. Brain In The Box feels that if all the in-game content was developed by one group, the heart and soul of diversity would be lost. “Survival means accepting things that make you uncomfortable,” comments Riccardo Rosapepe, managing director from Voodoo’s publisher, IndieGala. “Taking in external content is already uncomfortable for most creators. In Voodoo’s case it should make for a much more immersive experience.”

The call for submissions will officially come before Milan Games Week begins on October 14.


Jessica Brown

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