Is Minimal Affect the Final Space Game We Needed?

Imagine a Mass Effect game with the art direction of Final Space. Well that’s pretty much what you’ll be getting from Minimal Affect TOADMAN INTERACTIVE, INC. All of the info we have about it thus far points to that kind of experience, even the social interaction side of things. With games like Subverse receiving massive amounts of love for being unfiltered it’s no wonder we’re getting more like it – if not a bit more tame.

Strap yourself in and get ready for the galaxy’s most out-of-this-world sci-fi RPG! Live the action-packed life of a space hero bringing peace and order to the universe – by ANY means necessary!

Command a crew of questionably capable, likely insane, yet undeniably charming cadets on their haphazard travels across the Milky Way. Enjoy immensely satisfying 3rd person combat and narrative choice that’s overflowing with humor, as well as technically legal obscenities you won’t find in any other video game – especially after the ESRB hears about this one! And remember: In space, nobody can spell your name.

Minimal Affect will be warping to PC and most major gaming platforms in 2021!

Qudduws Campbell

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