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Bandai-Namco just released a new batch of screenshots and other media assets for Tales of Berseria, the latest flagship title in their long-running Tales franchise of games. Berseria is still set for a 2017 launch for both North and South America, so while still a good ways off it’s always great to get some new teasers to pour over!

For those that don’t know much about this one yet, these new screenshots highlight two of the game’s main characters, Oscar Dragonia and Teresa Linares:

Oscar and Teresa hail from the Abbey, an organization of exorcists that were established to protect people from the threat of daemons, humans who have turned into creatures from the Daemonblight disease. The Abbey leads political and military action in the Holy Midgand Empire with the mantra “sticking to reason brings order and peace.” Exorcists of the Abbey are ranked by their ability and are divided between three ranks: Legate, Praetor, and Orderly.
Oscar Dragonia – A strong Praetor exorcist with a strong sense of duty to eradicate all daemons. He is from the Dragonia family, a major aristocracy in the Holy Midgand Empire and Teresa is his older half-sister.
Teresa Linares – A Praetor from the Abbey who governs Hellawes, a northern town in the Holy Midgand Empire. She is known as the “Frozen Queen” because of her cold and stoic personality, although she dotes on Oscar, her younger half-brother, and will show emotion when she is alone with him.
If you’ve never played a Tales game yet, it’s a great time to look into. This latest title is set for a PlayStation 4 release.
Enjoy these new screenshots!
 TOB_EVT_20160330_02 TOB_EVT_20160330_12

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