Button Smashers Podcast Giveaways


The button smashers Podcast has recently come into possession of some Steam, Desura and Android games. We would like to thank our Fans and supporters for their continued support of our podcast by giving back a small token of our appreciation for this Easter. The Giveaways will be distributed via; the Podcast and on some of our public accounts.

If you wish to have a chance to get any of the giveaways you will have to do the following:

  • Join the current others who follow this blog  
  • like our facebook fanpage (in the side bar)
  • Follow your favourite BSP hosts twitter (click on the faces Link)
  • Follow the official BSP twitter account: @BSPtweet2012
  • Lastly listen to the next Podcast for a chance to win a free Game and maybe 1 month free of Netflix streaming.

If you are on Google plus Feel Free to to also join the BSP Family as well (Link)

Digital code only
Digital code only

Also as a bonus if the Facebook fanpage gets 1000 or more likes we will also giveaway a digital download code for the NEW “Bioshock Infinite” to one lucky fan for what ever platform he/she uses.

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