Q?’s 2013 Button Smash list

  Every !SO! often i sit and play A video game, but i tend to start a lot of games and not complete them. The same can be said about my collection of games that have been beckoning me pick them up for years.  last year that collection grew substantially, but my list of games that i completed was small in comparison to the other BSP hosts, so this year i have decided to play and finish as much of my video game collection as i possibly can. I decided to make a list as Rai did and do an update of it in my blog.

  • Dead or alive 5 (complete)
  • (DMC) Devil May Cry (2013)  (complete) Reviewed
  • Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 (completed) Reviewed
  • Asura’s Wrath (Completed)
  • Luminous arc (playing)
  • Kingdoms of amalur: reckoning (playing)
  • Xenoblade chronicles (playing)
  • Halo 4 (playing)
  • Castle Crashers (playing)
  • Kid icarus uprising (playing)
  • Tales of vesperia (playing)

Long Running Games/ multiplayers 

  • Fifa 13 
  • Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad (free steam code in our next podcast)


  1. Sands of destruction
  2. Trine 2
  3. Deus EX: human revolution
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. Bastion
  6. Tony Hawk Pro skater HD
  7. Darksiders 2
  8. Legobatman 2
  9. DMC HD
  10. Tales of vesperia
  11. Dragons Dogma
  12. Infinite undiscovery
  13. Binary Domain
  14. Final Fantasy XIII
  15. Resonance of Fate
  16. Prototype 2
  17. Alan wake
  18. Enslaved odessey of the west
  19. Assassins creed revolation
  20. Assassins creed 3
  21. Brutal Legend
  22. Castlevania lords of shadow
  23. Magna Carter 2
  24. Catrine
  25. Red dead Redemption
  26. SSX
  27. Record of Agarest war
  28. The Saboteur
  29. Neir
  30. Hitman Absolution
  31. Pokemon white
  32. Pokemon white 2
  33. Infamous 2
  34. Tomb Raider (2013)
  35. Bioshock infinite
level 4 and climbing 

After i complete a game i will add another game to the list to take it’s place. I will be also playing some other games on the side, some of which i will be replaying like Mirrors edge, while others will be online multiplayer games like League of Legends (we’ll cross this bridge when the time comes). I will also add games to the list that i am awaiting to be released i.e: Naruto storm 3.  (update completed)

So far i have only completed a few games, but my quest is not over yet. I intend to spend some time playing with some friends on steam to complete some of my collection. We have even created a new steam group called the Button Smashers Family Link. Anyone interested in joining myself or any of the other Button Smashers Team  for some co-op/ multiplayer action you are welcomed to join the group.  I am also open to suggestions to games that i should add to my list, so leave me a comment below with your suggestions.

My question for this article is: Are you backed up on games like me? and if so please share your list of games you will be playing this year with us.

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