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Last year when we started Button Smashers I never expected so much to come out of the entire thing. You see originally Button Smashers was a group I created on Facebook to avoid my friends posting gamer content on my Facebook wall which I was using at the time as a means for communicating with my schoolmates. The group turned out to be rather successful and I was eventually convinced by some friends to do the podcast, that’s how BSP came to be. After the BSP became a success among the gaming and anime community of Trinidad and Tobago (my country of origin) we started to get invited to a lot of events we did not even know went on in this small country of ours. One of those Events was Comicfest.

Comicfest is an event held by the comic collectors of Trinidad and Tobago for fans of comic books, though this is not all that Comicfest is about. The event also features Anime content, manga, cosplay and video games. It’s sort of like a mini Comic-Con right here in Trinidad and it’s wonderful. The event has also been held numerous times in various venues all over our country from Trincity to San Fernando. This allows for those fans that are not able to make the trip to some locations to get the opportunity to experience the amazing convention. Attending patrons can expect a large variety of Items on sale at the event from New and vintage Comics to manga, Original Art, Cards, Posters, Collectibles and more.

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At Comicfest you can expect to meet and greet with some of our local Comic Book Creators one of whom has become a good friend to me and the Button Smashers, Shaun Riaz (sorry Shaun I had to leave out the Sensational). Shaun and I meet along with some of the other members of the BSP at a ComicFest held at Trincity mall. His amazing personality and awesome artistic skills struck a chord with me immediately and I know the rest of the BSP felt the same, Shaun even did an amazing sketch of Loki for Kitami.

most epic handshake ever
most epic handshake ever

Shaun is an amazing bloke but he is however just one part of what makes attending Comicfest great. The Comic Collectors of Trinidad and Tobago have partnered with many of the other convention organisers here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Three of the most notable are;
Shoppe Anything – a company that imports almost anything into the country for its customers for reasonable prices. I have personally used the service and it is fast, professional and pleasant thanks to our friend Samantha Rampersad (Also a past guest of the BSP).

Chrono fantasy – a video game and event company run by Alfa and Sherril, my event besty (both past guests of the BSP). They deal in the business of rental and sale of video games and consoles. If there is a big gaming event in Trinidad you can guaranty Chrono Fantasy is somehow involved.

Trivicon – lastly but nowhere near least is Trivicon. Nigel and Natalia (BSP past guest) run Trivicon an anime based event that is also focused on a variety of other art forms including gaming, sci-fi, cosplay and more.

If you are a fan of all things cool anime, manga, comics, videogames and live in Trinidad and Tobago or looking to check out our beautiful country be sure to attend one of the Comicfest events I promise you won’t regret it.

Please note a Comicfest will be held this coming July 6th, 2013 at The Royal Palm Suite Hotel, 7 Saddle Road, Maraval, Trinidad.

Official Comicfest T-shirts $100 TT (contact Shaun or comic collectors of Trinidad and Tobago)

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