PES 2019 E3 2018 Gameplay Showcase

In our FIFA 19 E3 coverage I mentioned that I was worried about PES 2019 due to EA’s monopoly of the footy liences, but after seeing what Konami had that’s all gone. PES 2019 E3 2018 Showcase was so impressive that I think fans of the game will be happy. Even without the Champions League this looks to be a solid improvement on last year’s game.

Konami showed us very little about PES 2019 before now, and what they showed wasn’t as impressive as what they had to show at E3. For one, just seeing the game in action was superb. The new lighting, the graphics, and of course the physics. Even Adrian enjoyed playing the game at E3, and he’s not a fan of football games.

Konami Introduced 11 new skill traits that will help enhance player uniqueness, including edge turn, no look pass, control loop, dipping shot and rising shot. These new skills increase the total in-game number to 39.

Player individuality has also been taken to the next level, where skills and strengths are more prominent in impact and motion during gameplay.

PES 2019 11 new skill traits

  • Cross Over Turn
  • Double Touch
  • Step On Skill control
  • No Look Pass
  • Interception
  • Penalty Specialist
  • GK Penalty Saver
  • GK High Punt
  • Rising Shots
  • Chip shot control
  • Dipping Shots

Dribbling animation and fluidity is now based on variety of factors, such as player and ball positioning along the defensive line, precise feint movements to surpass around the sides and awareness of the close proximity of the opposition while turning.

New shooting mechanics with unique varied animations have been introduced, including motion of the ball slipping past the goalkeeper’s outstretched hands, reactions of the attacker who just slighlty missed and more intense/joyful reactions around the goal area.

Realistic Play

A significant introduction is Visible Fatigue, which is a reworked, rebalanced stamina system. Players will give clear visual indications when they are tired, with their stamina level impacting how they play. How you manage players during a match and when you make substitutions could be the difference between winning or losing.

Quick substitutions will be available when the ball goes out of play. A simple button press will give you recommended changes based on stamina and position. No need to interrupt the gameplay during a tense match!

Improvements have been made to make the movement of the ball more natural and varied. The trajectory of the ball is now based on posture and how the ball was kicked. Also, situations like the ball bouncing off the goalkeeper’s body or hitting a defender during a block have more realistic outcomes.

Full body touch introduced last year has been further enhanced. How the ball is controlled depends more on the surrounding situation, allowing for smoother and contexual trapping of the ball.

They have also mentioned that PES 2019 will be getting demo for PC ahead of release which is a huge plus for the game. They’ve also stated that they have many more announcements including new Teams, Leagues and Stadiums.

PES 2019 will launch for PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and PC on August, 30th 2018. There has been no news on a Lite or Nintendo Switch version of the game, however I believe both will be announced soon.

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