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Thanks for Light creating this awesome piece of art.
Thanks for Light creating this awesome piece of art.

Hi Neko’s, I’m NekoJonez and this is… Wait, this isn’t Arpegi. Or anything that MiseryLC or I created. Where am I? It seems that another group asked me to write for them. Awesome. Okay, enough playing around. This is my introduction here on this website. A site where I’ll sometimes write new content to let this site grow. In return I’m allowed to let my own community grow. So, in this post I’ll let you guys and girls (and other species, I dunno.) in to my content and other stuff. 

How did I get here?

In May of 2013 I restarted blogging and writing articles about my gaming hobby. Before that I have written a blog in Dutch, which is my native language, and had some success. Due to some family issues, that blog doesn’t exist any longer. But I missed blogging so much, I restarted in May.

After a few reviews, I saw that my blog grew way faster than my Dutch blog in way less time. In the course of a week, I nearly had the amount of views and visits I got with my Dutch blog in the course of a month. I was blown away so I continued to write. One day I got a comment from Q, the site owner here (I think that he is at least. Don’t blame me, I’m new here), and he invited me to help his site grow.

Sadly enough, that was some time ago. I was busy with finishing up college and a few other things. So, after some delay, I added him on Skype. And what a nice idea that was. Now I can put my writing skills to use on another place too. I never believed that I could write THAT well that other people wanted me to write for their site. I couldn’t believe a family friend of mine, who is a freelance sport journalist who wrote a few books, when he said I should do something with my writing. So, this introduction is my first of probably many articles here.

Who are you?

I’m NekoJonez. A Dutch male gamer who lived for 20 years now. I live in Belgium, the country which isn’t far from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.  Since birth I’m creating content and entertaining people in any way I can. Also, I love to game. Give me a Nintendo DS and a few games and you won’t hear from me for a while. Well, truth to be told, that is if you ignore the shouts of frustration or the talking to the game I sometimes do.

I have been fond of writing my whole life. Ever since I got to the finals of a writing contest as a kid with a story I didn’t care much about and I wrote in 15 minutes, I have been hooked. I even reached the local news with my story. I was proud. But hey, what do you expect? I was a child back then.

Videos is something else I love to make. I record video’s of the games I prefer. The old games. Retro. Nintendo. My YouTube channel will be linked in this article. I also have a Twitter, DevaintArt and a Tumblr. Those are all the other places you can follow me.

Other things about me is that I am a cat lover. My favorite game series are the Indiana Jones and Zelda games. I love myself a good adventure game. But I love games more with a good (and long) story. I am also a collector of games. I have a lot of legal games sitting on my shelf here. I prefer my games to be a physical copy. The only game which I haven’t a physical copy of is Minecraft.


I call myself “Master Arpegian” or Arpegian since I own my own community called Arpegi. I’ll most likely talk about this in a podcast when I get the chance to join one but I’ll share the stories here too. Arpegi is created in March of 2012. It’s my latest project. Before that I went through many other names for my content.

Arpegi started as a sort of place to escape. I was a member of another forum where my best real life friend actually bullied me away. The admins where turning a blind eye to it and basically told us “to go solve it in real life.”. Which sadly enough never happened. Today I’m no longer friends with that guy since he went way to far. Other members weren’t pleased with this course of action by the admins and they all followed me to the forum I created with my new best buddy, MiseryLC, and that’s how Arpegi was created.

Arpegi is a community of people who now talk about life stuff and game stuff. We like each other as a sort of family. Many of them have a YouTube channel, DevaintArt or Twitter page where you can follow their content but some don’t post often on it sadly enough. But maybe thanks to this new twist, that might change.

On the day of writing this article, the website is a forum. And I prefer that it stays that way. MiseryLC and I are the admins. We try to take the maintenance of the forum in another direction. We do the usual duties of an admin like fixing bugs and adding new features. But our admin title is nothing more then a title. Everybody is equal in our forum. While MiseryLC and I can have the final word in an argument, we try to not have distance due to one being an admin and the other being a member.

If you want to become a member of the Arpegi community, which is now a partner of BSB, come over and create an account. MiseryLC or myself’ll approve it as soon as we can. Wait, approve it? Yes, sadly enough we use the “admin approval” method. It’s not that we are trying to keep some people out but the issue that many spam bots try to create an account and this way we can easily catch them before they even post spam on the forums. But that might change one day, you never know.

Arpegi is a community who cares for each of their members. When you have a YouTube channel, Twitter, DevaintArt, Tumblr… most of the Arpegians will subscribe to you, to support you. And when you need people to record or help writing an article, we try to do our best to help.

ButtonSmashers and Arpegi will now be two communities that exist on their own but we might do sort of a merge in the future. Also, we might do some multiplayer events together or create content together. In any case, this’ll be a partnership worth wile. That’s for sure.

What to expect from me and follow me.

Where can you follow me? Since this article contains some shameless advertising I will place all my links down right here.

My personal blog – On here you can find my latest personal articles. About the games I’m playing or the games I have played. Feel free to take a visit. I’ll most likely post articles on this blog and my own blog. And how that works out, you’ll see in the future.

Arpegi – The website I created. Yeah, I won’t repeat myself.

DevaintArt – Whenever I write a short-story or a poem, I usually publish it on here when I think it’s good enough to be publish. But since I’m busy on my other places, I post rarely on here.

Tumblr – I try to use this place to spread my content. And also to try to group my content on one place.

YouTube – A channel where I upload my videos from me and the Arpegians. (And in the future with the BSB family too) Here I post when I created a video. Du’h when else?

Twitter – Yeah, my Twitter. A place where I tweet when I have to tell something or to show signs of life.

So, what to expect from me? I’ll try to be active in this community and my own community. The idea is that I help this community grow while this helps my own community to grow. I will write on both blogs and such. I think that’s clear by now.

Okay, this is a pretty lengthy introduction. Thanks for reading and thanks for adding me to this family. It’ll be a new adventure for me. I hope you like and enjoy my other content. I hope to see you guys here in a next article. Feel free to ask me questions if you want to know anything. But for now, that’s all from me.


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