What platform should you get FIFA 15 on?

FIFA Clint Messi coverIt’s been confirmed by EA that this year’s footy sim will be released on PC, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Xbox one, vita, and 3ds. You may have already noticed that the Wii U has been left out of the mix. For those that know of the falling out between Nintendo and EA over management of their digital network you may think that this is the reason for no Wii U port. Others may claim that the company could not be bothered to port it to the platform as it has its own architecture unique to all the other current gen platforms, maybe it’s a numbers game? Who knows really? All we do know is that the system is the only one currently on the market that will not be receiving some footy love. Maybe we’ll get Inazuma 11 then I’ll not care.

I would however like to be quoted in saying that I think currently the Wii U is one of the best systems to put a sport game on. The gamepad is a perfect way to make subs mid game or change tactics without having to bring up a menu. As a huge football fan (Halamadrid) and a fan of sports games in general I personally dislike having to pause mid game, especially mid match during an online game to make sub, change formations or tactics.


Anywho my personal thoughts about which system should be getting the game aside as this article is not about that, but rather which system you should be getting your copy of FIFA 15 for.

First of all stay away from the current gen version.

“Wait what? Is this bloke serious? Doesn’t he know that there are more current gen consoles out in the gaming ecosystem?” Yes he does, he owns a few of them and will not be buying any copies of the game for them, and will now advise why you should do the same. For the past few years I’ve played FIFA on the Xbox 360 and though enjoyable it was still rather limiting. 30fps may not seem like a limitation, but after experiencing 60fps there is a distinct quality and fluidity of play that is present at 60fps that is not in the later. This improves the look and feel of playing the game and brings it that much closer to the real think. Now as of last year the PC version was more or less the forgotten stepchild of the series, with fewer modes, less features and last generation graphics. If not for the modding community we would all be playing the same looking game for 2 years in a row. The developers at EA have been notorious for putting a new number and changing the kits for their annual sports franchises and shipping the same game two years in a row. Even on their site/trailers they use the magic of fine print to state that the games and all their features advertised may not be in all versions. The last gen consoles (PS3, Xbox 360) are among the versions that may not receive all the features you may have seen in the trailers. So yeah that new living pitch, forget about it.

As for the handheld versions I believe those are more of a supplementary experience to the home console experience, as such they are and should be a simplified version, compact. They will not be expected to be the versions you do most of your playing on. With watered down modes, graphics and less content I wouldn’t expect any serious FIFA player to make this his/her primary version.

Last gen and portable accounted for leaves us with only current gen and PC. The current gen consoles will always be the systems that will get the best versions of games when they are developed for multiple generations. As we noticed with FIFA 14 the PS4 and XBOX One versions were much more polished than their previous gen counterparts. They boasted more animations, features, and better graphics. This year the PC version will be joining this group of current gen systems. It’s been a no brainer as to why they have not done this till now, we all have our own theories, but for now I’ll just be thankful that PC gamers will finally be able to play a premium version of what is considered the best way to enjoy the sport of football, other than watching live games of course.

Ignite engine coming to PC
Ignite engine coming to PC

PS4, PC, and XBOX One are your 3 options for experiencing FIFA 15 at its best. Of the 3 I’ll be playing the PC version. This is a result of me not owning any current gen system, and the fact that a great PC build should technically get me better quality gameplay. I’m looking forward to 1080p/ 60fps on my rig come September, even while streaming or recording gameplay. If I were not playing on PC and had a choice of playing it on one of the 2 current gen systems that it will be published for I’d choose the Xbox One version over the PS4’s. This is not to say that I believe the game will play better on Microsoft’s system, but because of the fan service that is Legends.

FIFA 15 will be out NA 23 September 2014, EU 25 September 2014, UK 26 September 2014. What platform will you be getting it on and what will your first Ultimate team build be? (PC/ French build for me).

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  1. EA fighting with a distributor over their digital delivery, where have we heard of that before….oh yeah EA v Steam. EA still haven’t learnt that pissing off your distributors will not work in your favour lol

    Edit: And for me there’s still no game that would make me buy a next gen console. Sony needs a Persona 4 Golden type game on the PS4 for me to be even tempted to give up my PS3 and all the games i play on it

      1. Makes sense, Sony were very clear they weren’t planning to abandon either the Vita or the PS3. So it makes sense for them to do some Exclusives on the PS3 to show it’s support. I am surprised they choose Persona though, since Persona jumped ship and went to 3DS. However i suppose that partly because the new franchise they were looking for never really arrived.

        Thing i’m looking forward to more than anything though is the Vita TV, i’ve had mine on preorder since it was announced. That’s gonna be bloody awesome when it finally gets here. Being able to play my Vita games, including Persona 4 Golden on a huge 50″ screen 😀

  2. I thought I remembered reading that FIFA 15 would be skipping the Wii U but for some reason release on the Wii, but I could be wrong. I totally agree that the Wii U gamepad is ideal for sports games, especially when doing mid-game subs, calling audibles on Madden, switching lines in NHL, but why they’re all skipping the Big N’s Wii U is beyond me.

    I know I told you this on Facebook, but I’ll definitely pick FIFA 15 up for the Xbox One should I pick it up this year at all.

    1. I hope you do. it would be nice to hear more from someone new to the game and pass on some of that passion that i already have for the sport.

      As for EA and the Wii U/ WII thing. I read that too, it was even on the wikipedia page for fifa 15 last i check. Its sad that it seems that devs don’t seem to have much interest in the Wii U and at a time when they are selling pretty well.

      1. I believe there are more Wii U’s in households than Xbox Ones, so to not only avoid the Wii U altogether, but give the Xbox One something exclusive is a bit odd.

  3. It’s sad that football mad UK has to wait longer than North America to get the game. Funny that you should mention Inazuma Eleven. I have enjoyed those games much more than FIFA in recent times.

    1. you lucky guy you. I’m suffering here on the north american side of things. all we have so far in the Inazuma eleven series is the first 2 DS games as import. the 3rd is region locked on the 3DS so I may never get to enjoy it unless i buy a EU 3DS. 🙁