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Living in another country other than the big 3 Gamer states (US, Europe, Japan) can be Hell for a gamer. This is in part due to the lack of support for platforms due to region locking, lack of developer focus, lack of conventions, etc. The First three mentioned are the hardest to live with because depending on the size of your location, in the eyes of developers and manufacturers they have almost zero incentive to pay notice to the gaming population of that location. Gaming is a business after all and to most of them you are just a walking wallet in a desert when they have many wallets scattered across a shopping mall in a big city. This Kind of thinking means that some gamers never get to appreciate the full extent of the systems and games they buy, likewise they never get to truly enjoy what can only be known as game culture at it’s best.

Conventions or Cons as they are known to attendees can best be described as; the best place for people with similar passions to meet, discuss and interact together, and when it comes to gamers it means we get to play with new people other than our immediate circle of online and local friends. This sort of environment is also healthy for gamers because some may be a bit anti social or find it hard to discuss their passion among other members of their peers, so Cons can be just what they need to express them selves as only gamers can.

Along side Cons there are always tournaments, and that brings me to the reason for this article. The Circle is a group of Gamers that all go by an Alias that they themselves choose. The alias is the name that they are referred to as and most have a specific meaning associated with it. The Members of The Circle are:

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I have had the pleasure of speaking to two of the groups members prior to writing this article. They have informed me that they all originate from La brea, Trinidad and Tobago and that the Name Circle has a mean similar to that of a Google Circle.

The Circle have decided to host a tournament as a way to reveal the Circle to the rest of the country so that gamers can understand what they are about and share their vision. The tournament will be a Super Street Fighter IV Tournament and will be hosted at Golf City Mall, who have been gracious to sponsor The Circle use of their Hall. They also “currently” have two other sponsors, GATT and the wonderful Chrono Fantasy. The tournament also has some very strict rules which I personally find to be well planned:

rules part 2Rules part 2
The tournament will be held on 31st of August from 10am –6pm at Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, If are a gamer you are currently residing in Trinidad this will be a perfect event to attend and showcase your skills as well as meet and interact with other gamers. The Prize money is $1000 for the winner and $500 for second with $250 for the third place gamer.

If you would like too know more about the Circle and their event you can contact them

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