Fifa 13 +new kits (fifa 14)

Game: FIFA 14
Original Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Sports
Format: Windows

Football is a passionate sport where men go out on the pitch week after week and do amazing things for our entertainment. It is the biggest and most profitable sport in the world with players making millions a year and clubs spending astronomical amounts during transfer seasons, most notable Real Madrid (my favorite club) who have held the record for most expensive player transfers on many occasions. Most recently, Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 for £80 million. With a sport so popular and grossing so much money it is no wonder that the games based on that sport are also extremely popular among gamers/fans of the sport. When talking about football games a comparison is always drawn between the FIFA and PES series.

They are the 2 biggest football games on the market (except for Inazuma eleven of course Smile with tongue out), and have been for many years. Both games offer varying differences in their experiences but at their core one thing is the same, and that is the players. Now don’t go all fan boy on me and take my statement the wrong way. What I meant by my statement is that the games are basically a simulator for us fans to live out our football fantasies with our favorite players and teams. The graphics, engine and controls may be different in some ways but when you look at a player like Messi in both games the resemblance is uncanny from the real man.

If the core of the experience are the players then the meat must be the clubs because a football team is not one man but the 11 players on the field, the 6 subs on the bench, the manager, all the coaches, the physio, the reserves, the club president and most important the fans. It is for the striking similarity to the real life experience that we buy these games every September/ October. No matter if you play FIFA or PES you you buy the game for the nostalgia. Sadly this nostalgia seems to have taken on an evil face with one of these franchises, but is it a much of a surprise? This is EA we are talking about, the Company voted worst Company in America two years in a row. If you don’t know by now EA owns the FIFA games Franchise. They have been found to just add cosmetic padding in the form of Kits and new squads on some versions and resell it as a full priced title.All of this can be done via a simple download or patch. You may ask why do people pay for the games if they know that It’s just a cosmetic change and not an actual full update. Well the answer is simple, Kits. You see as I said before the meat of the experience is the clubs and what defines a club most on the pitch is that Kits, whether it’s that Iconic all white Kit of Real Madrid (Fan mode on Open-mouthed smile) or the red of Manchester United, there there are always many small differences that change from season to season as well as the big ones like away Kits that more often than not are completely different colors from the last seasons version. EA knows this fact and so they “Milk” us year after year. even transfer updates are not constantly updated and are only available while online.

PES however gives you meat in spades despite the lack of amount of official licenses as FIFA. What this means is that though they lack some of the official names and badges they have more complete updates including Kit updates and squads. The developers of PES 14 also claim they will support the new game even more than it’s predecessor with more updates. This put together with the new fox engine could put PES back on my radar as my preferred Football Sim. It is still a few months away until we get our hands on both games but this year I will Buy both and review them in detail through out the entre season via a new Vlog series.

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  1. FIFA was a big hit with my friends and I, back in the Megadrive days. Since then I have lost interest in the series. I’d honestly prefer to play Inazuma, which is good fun if you can get past the cheesy story. A nice blend of Football Manager and Pokemon.

    1. yeah Inazuma eleven is a great RPG. I have beaten the first 2 DS games but none of the others because they are not released in english 🙁 . Damn level , damn region lock.