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Earlier this year I wrote an article titled Gaming For The USA. It was an article for the common man living out side of those countries that are considered of value to a particular publishers or developer. The article was written to show how stupid and anti-practical region locking is in this day and age. I may have used “USA” for the Title but that does not mean that they are not affected by region locks, they may be a bit more fortunate than most of us but they are not out of the water. Anywho this article is not really about the negative effects of region locks. As someone that lives in a less fortunate region I have discovered many work around to enjoying the platforms and content I pay for/ use.

Netflix/Hulu plus (most bowser based content)
If you live out of the US and have ever tried setting up netflix or are a current user of the service you may know all to well how horrible it can be to pay for the service and not get all the shows that other user get so easily. Most will just give up and find another way to get their movie fix, but I personally find netflix and Hulu to be a better alternative than cable.
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So how does one access the full extent of such services? the answer is Hola!. Not the Spanish word for hello but rather an app that can be installed to most browsers and phone to allow the user to easily access sites that will otherwise unaccessible or broken (yes broken >.<). The app is simple to install and easy to use. Without it I would most likely stop paying for both services and find another alternative to getting my movie fix., but it makes it possible for me to watch all the US region shows and movies i want as well as a few other regions.
work around

This app will also be useful to most people that travel and would like to use their local netflix content or those with a foreign taste in movie content. It can also be used for many other websites so download it and go on a green man gaming shopping spree Open-mouthed smile

origin work2

3DS and (other game consoles)

If you own one of Nintendo’s little bundles of joy you most certainly want to get some digital content form the eshop, or what is the use of that 2GB or 4GB memory card you got with it (btw good move including the memory card Big N). When it comes to the 3DS many of us have found it useful to use a US address to access the eshop, what you don’t have one? neither do I lol, but fear not. Pull up your Google maps and start searching for KFC (look any fast food or US address will do, maybe even good old Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft state side addresses will do Smile with tongue out). Once you have an address just add that to your device this will allow you to use the store, Some features may still be locked but at least you will be able to buy your digital games. This work around also works with all home consoles and handhelds (don’t trust any of my game console addresses, no I don’t live at that subway down the road from your house lol).

Another fix for console gamers is the ability to purchase those games, because in some cases your credit card is not good enough for those manufacturers Sad smile This one is very easy to get around so pay close attention.
digital codes is the only site you will need to purchase those Microsoft points or that 3 months of PSN plus. You can use your credit/debit card on their site purchase the card you need. some of the cards have an added cost to them for activation but nothing too ridiculous, they then send you the code on your account and then you just enter it into your device, just to make sure to buy the right one for your region.

Ok that’s all I can think about at the moment but if you know of some other ways to get the best out of your devices and services no matter location please share them in the comments below.

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  1. Nice tips. As someone who lives in Europe it is infuriating how many quality games we miss out on. We have to jump through so many hoops to bypass region locking. I want to give the developers my money, but their practices drive people towards piracy.

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